The Favorite

Benjamin Bernard has always wanted to be the favorite son, but his brother, Luke, is loved more, or so he perceives. After all, Luke is a soccer player and it's his father's, Daniel's, favorite sport. To cope with his anger and resentment, Benjamin becomes a mixed-martial arts fighter. After a life-changing event, one brother must now fight not only for his life, but also for his relationship with his brother, his friends, family, and God. One brother is healed physically and the other is transformed spiritually. This family film explores love, forgiveness, loss, healed relationships, and, ultimately, the realization that we are all God's Favorite. The Favorite hits theaters this September.

Amye Gousset, John Schneider, Luke Bernard, Matthew Fahey, Mollee Gray, Tyron Woodley
Curtis Graham
108 Minutes

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